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Management Philosophy

Kyocera Group Management Roots

The Kyocera Group Management Rationale

“To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.”

The Kyocera Group’s management approach springs from the Management Rationale propounded by our founder Kazuo Inamori.
We always take up new challenges in response to the needs of our customers and of society. We overcome any difficulties we encounter during the course of these challenges, and deliver new products and services. This not only helps our company to achieve growth and development, it also helps enrich the hearts and minds of employees who work for the Kyocera Group by giving them a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and contributes to society.
Our Management Rationale has not changed since the day we were founded, and we work towards its realization as we continue our daily corporate activities.

Our Approach to Realize Our Management Rationale

The Kyocera Philosophy: “To do what is right as a human being?”

The Kyocera Philosophy is shared by all employees of the Kyocera Group, an approach that aims to realize our Management Rationale. The Kyocera Philosophy is a philosophy for work and life based on the real-life experiences and empirical rules of Kazuo Inamori, founder and chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corporation. Based on the question “What is the right thing to do as a human being?” it indicates a management approach that complies with the fundamental human ethics, moral values and social norms, is always just and fair, and aims for growth and development.
The Kyocera Philosophy consists of the following four elements.

“The regulations and agreements which constitute the company's standards”

This indicates the standards by which the Kyocera Group is managed, and the rules and morals deemed necessary within the company

“The attitude necessary for the company to achieve its goals and objectives”

This explains in detail the attitude and action required for a company to achieve high targets it should aim for

“Create a wonderful corporate character”

Just as human beings have personal character, companies also have corporate character. The way to gain trust and respect worldwide is for the company's “corporate character” to be so impressive that people say, “That is indeed a company with an admirable corporate character.”

“The right way to live” and “How we should behave as human beings”

It expresses the universal truth of life necessary for each of us to live in a better way

We consider it important to implement this philosophy in our daily life and work rather than just appreciating it as a piece of knowledge. The diligent efforts aimed at putting it into practice foster a mind capable of making the right decisions, and improve our character. We firmly believe that an organization consisting of employees who share such a philosophy will have a strong sense of purpose, and will surely open up a path to a bright future filled with aspirations and hope.

Systems to Realize Our Management Rationale

Amoeba Management, and Kyocera Accounting Principles

The Kyocera Group uses its own business administration method called the Amoeba Management System, which is specifically developed to realize the corporate philosophy of the Kyocera Group. Under this system, the company organization is divided into small groups called amoebas, which operate on a self-supporting basis. The individual employees who form an amoeba independently plan their daily business activities in order to boost the profits of their amoeba. Amoeba profits are calculated according to our unique index of how much added value has been created per hour. The hourly profit figures of each amoeba are made available to the amoeba members as well, so they can see in real time how the results of their work are reflected in our management. Even when amoebas have posted good results, that does not mean that they receive a higher remuneration. This is because the added value that is generated contributes to the shared destiny of the Kyocera Group as a whole. This “management by all” via the Amoeba Management System, and the motivation it generates, are the source of the Kyocera Group’s strength.

The Kyocera Accounting Principles underpin Amoeba Management. Accounting is integral to the management of a company as it plays the key role of its “compass.” The Kyocera Group places great importance on management that is very transparent and fair. The Kyocera Accounting Principles are a practical way to get an accurate grasp of the true state of amoeba operations and the direction in which they should head. These practical management systems underpin the Kyocera Group’s solid financial footing.

The Philosophy of Coexistence Combines with Our Management Rationale

The Kyocera Group has continued to develop ever since our founding, and that is driven by the fact that we have always taken up the challenge of new technologies and new sectors, and aimed to realize our Management Rationale.

Our actions were not taken out of a desire for the development of the Kyocera Group alone; they were based on the spirit of coexistence or “living together.”

As Kyocera has grown as a company, ever since the 1970s we have made it clear that we maintain an ethos of coexistence, and that our corporate activities should be based on coexistence with nature, coexistence within society, and global coexistence.

Coexistence with nature requires a company to have an ethic of symbiosis and balance with natural cycles, instead of engaging in economic behavior that disrupts the cycles of the natural environment.

Coexistence within society is based on the idea that long-term prosperity is sustainable when a company satisfies society as a whole, for example its employees, customers, business associates, and shareholders.

Global coexistence means that, when a company globalizes, it should aim to have a profound understanding of the culture and history of the region concerned, and to contribute to the region’s development.

The philosophy of these three forms of coexistence has been passed down through the years and lives on in the Kyocera Group’s business activities even today.

Management Method Based on the Kyocera Philosophy

Our Founding in 1959

- With trusty companions

In 1959, Kazuo Inamori and seven other colleagues established Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. (now Kyocera Corporation). At the time they did not have sufficient capital, or even adequate equipment and facilities, but Inamori was supported by colleagues who shared all the ups and downs, and formed a close bond like members of one big family. Inamori decided during this period that partnership would form the foundation of his company management, based on steadfast relationships and trust. That was the starting point for the Kyocera Group, and it remains our cornerstone.

The Inamori Library

- Spreading Kazuo Inamori’s Management Philosophy far and wide

The Inamori Library moved to its present location on the south side of the head office in 2013. It documents events and actions from Inamori’s early years to the present day, and conveys his Management Philosophy. The library was initially launched with the aim of handing his ideals on to successive generations of Kyocera Group employees, but is now open to the public at large. It attracts more than 20,000 visitors a year from all over the world, ranging from students to business owners.


Keeping Our Legacy of Ideals Alive, and Ensuring that the Kyocera Group Continues to Be a Vigorous Enterprise Where Employees and the Company Can Grow and Develop

The Kyocera Group’s strength and growth come from having employees and organizations that set high goals and are constantly improving themselves. The base for this is the Kyocera Philosophy, which has become the spiritual support of the Kyocera Group. In a corporate climate of constantly striving for improvement, with a code of conduct that is underpinned by shared criteria and ethics based on its fundamental principles, Kyocera Group employees self-motivate and act autonomously, constantly challenging themselves to provide even better products and services. We will continue to pass down to future generations the Kyocera Group DNA of creating a workplace where each employee can work with enthusiasm and feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and of continuing to be creative and engage aggressively in challenges that lead to advances for society at large.

Kayo Hashiura
Kayo Hashiura
Executive Officer, General Manager of Inamori Library Division, and General Manager of Philosophy Division, Corporate General Affairs Human Resources Group