Priority Issues

Issues Prioritized by the Kyocera Group

The Kyocera Group identifies social issues by looking at things such as social conditions, trends in the global community and our stakeholders’ expectations of us.
Priority issues are selected after deliberations by the CSR Committee that take into account such factors as their importance to the Kyocera Group.
We have categorized the risks and opportunities of the selected priority issues, focused management resources in four key markets, and are engaged in developing businesses that will resolve social issues and strengthening our management infrastructure.

  Priority Issues Risks and opportunities for the Kyocera Group (● Risk / ○ Opportunity)
Initiatives responding to key social issues
Intensifying measures to counter climate change
  • Stricter regulations and penalties as a consequence of measures against global warming
  • Increased costs and damage to the corporate brand as a result of incompatibilities with a decarbonized society
  • Popularization of renewable energy, and increased demand for private power generation for private consumption
  • Greater need for improved thermal efficiency and economical use of energy
  • Increased demand for products related to the change to EV and lighter automobiles
Eliminating labor shortages in major industrial nations
  • Greater need to improve productivity by installing collaborative robots
  • Greater need to support logistics and optimize deliveries via drones
Sustainable use of water / natural resources
  • Water/natural resources drying up
  • Greater need to develop ocean-related technologies
Preventing traffic-related accidents and securing comfortable means of transportation
  • Greater need to optimize traffic volume via ICT
  • Increased market for automotive ADAS that help to alleviate the burden on the driver, via automated driving and improved safety, for example
Expansion of information infrastructures via technological innovations
  • Increased demand for base station-related products aimed at infrastructure improvement
  • Increased demand for products related to 5G-compatible smartphone terminals
  • Expansion of system/service business targeting local 5G construction
  • Greater need for domestic LPWA telecommunications services
Reducing shortages of medical personnel and cutting medical costs
  • Greater need for medical self-care
  • Greater need for health care and nursing care support
  • Greater need to extend healthy life years/li>
Strengthening our management infrastructure
Achieving diversity
  • Business expansion by securing and training diverse human resources
Establishing safe and secure
working environments
  • Suspension of business activities due to causes such as the spread of infectious diseases
  • Human rights issues becoming apparent in supply chains
  • Provision of work environments where employees feel healthy, enjoy job satisfaction and can reach their maximum potential
Enhancing crisis management in areas such as disasters and information security
  • Less trust in the Kyocera Group, loss of business, damage to important assets
  • Additional measures, and the generation of large expense allocations, such as damages
Enhancing the functionality of corporate governance and compliance
  • The manifestation of diversification risks
  • We may be faced with things such as the suspension of transactions due to the loss of customer trust, payment of fines, and demands for damages if conduct occurs that contravenes the law or violates social norms
  • Our ability to create value is improved by implementing and strengthening corporate governance
Diagram: Priority Issues