UV LED Light Sources



Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

Sheet-fed offset printer with chain delivery system that requires long working distance for curing and pinning.

Inkjet Printing

Pinnig and curing for UV inkjet single-pass and multi-scan printing.

Other Analog Printing

Curing for offset rotary printers, flexographic printers, and screen printers.


Curing various coating materials such as for optical fiber, wood, and mobile phone cases.


Curing UV curable adhesives such as for LCD, touch screens, and substrate manufacturing.

Exposure Devices

Photo processing for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, pattern forming for LCD panels, and circuit forming for PCB.


Characteristics of Kyocera UV LED Light Sources

High-density mounting and high heat dissipation accomplished by Kyocera’s ceramic substrates

High-density mounting of LED chips produces high-output irradiation. Kyocera's low-thermal resistance ceramic substrate improves heat dissipation and allows high density mounting of LED chips.

Product design optimized by simulation
Kyocera's UV LED Light Sources are developed by using optical simulation to optimize irradiance, focus distance, and surface uniformity as well as fluid simulation to optimize the characteristics of heat dissipation and the positioning of components.
Customized Products
In addition to our standard products, we offer custom products. Please contact your local Kyocera representative for more information.


G5A Air-cooled UV LED Light SourceCompact and lightweight design with high-irradiance

3 units of G5A connected

High-irradiance and dose
Peak irradiance of 24,000mW/cm2 (at UV wavelength 385nm/395nm) with air-cooling is achieved of high heat dissipation ceramic substrate and optimizing the design of the heat sink to maximize energy efficiency. Capable of achieving 270mJ/cm2 dose, which is comparable to the dose level provided by water-cooled UV LED Light Sources.
Compact and lightweight design allows more flexibility for mounting
Compact (80.3 × 88.0 × 150.5mm) and lightweight (1.0kg) design allow more flexibility when incorporating this UV LED Light Source into a system. The G5A Light Source's ability to achieve high-irradiance with air-cooled design eliminates the need for a water-cooling system (chiller) which is required for water-cooled high-irradiance light sources.
Scalable structure
The G5A UV LED Light Source is scalable in 80mm increments to a maximum irradiation width of 1,600mm to meet various curing job requirements. Serial communication with external devices along with ON/OFF power switching at 26.5mm units is available, allowing optimization of the irradiation area.
Monitoring functions for stable operation
Monitoring functions: LED temperature, LED current, fan operating hours, and accumulated LED lighting hours. Alert functions: System error, LED lighting error, air filter replacement, etc.
G5A Spec Sheet
Model Cooling
W × D × H
window size
at 50m/min
WD = 10mm
Peak irradiance
WD=0mm WD=10mm


Air-cooling 80.3 × 88.0 × 150.5 1.0 80 × 20 365 200 16,000 6,000
270 24,000 8,000

WD: Working Distance

Data Sheet

G5A Model Data sheetPDF(468KB)

G5AN Air-cooled UV LED Light Source(Nitrogen Purging Model)
Dramatically increases the acceptance of wider range of inks.

Have you ever experienced "We considered the introduction of a UV LED Light Source, but abandoned the idea because of insufficient curing with existing inks"? It may be due to "oxygen inhibition" caused by the combination of radicals generated by UV irradiation with atmospheric oxygen.
Kyocera has developed a UV LED Light Source (G5AN) that realizes excellent curing performance without relying only on power such as irradiance and integrated (or accumulated) light amount, in particular, against "oxygen inhibition" known as poor curing of the ink surface.
Compatible with wide range of inks
Excellent curing performance even for inks and resins that are difficult to cure with conventional UV LED Light Sources, such as low migration inks, coat varnishes, and inks for metal halide lamps.
Integrated structure with Kyocera UV LED Light Source (G5A)
Unlike the conventional nitrogen purging system that requires an enclosed space, G5AN can efficiently flow nitrogen and reduce oxygen concentration in UV irradiation area simply by installing it in the system. No major modification to the system is required to create an enclosed space. A separate nitrogen supply source such as a nitrogen generator is required.
Scalable structure
The irradiation width can be extended to match the print size (80mm to 1,600mm) by 80mm width scalable unit structure.
Video Clip
G5AN Spec
Model Cooling method Dimensions
W × D × H
Recommended nitrogen purity Nitrogen flow rate


Air-cooling 80.3 × 109.7 × 161.2 1.3 Higher than 99.9% 10~30
* May vary by the used UV ink
and printing conditions

*Irradiation window size, UV Wavelength, Dose, and Peak irradiance are same as G5A model.

Data sheet

G5AN Model Data SheetPDF(415KB)

The dose value contributes to efficient UV curing
Relation of dose and amount of radicals


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