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Semiconductor Components

Ceramic Packages & Substrates

High-reliability ceramic packages and substrates help to miniaturize components used in smartphones, fiber optics, automotive electronics (such as headlight LEDs), and a wide range of other applications. Kyocera utilizes its broad expertise in materials, processing, and design technologies to ensure unparalleled substrate and package performance.

Ceramic Surface-Mount Packages
for Electronic Devices

Kyocera's ultra-small ceramic surface-mount packages for crystal oscillators and other components help to miniaturize smart devices while enhancing their performance.

Ceramic Packages
for Image Sensors

Ceramic packages for image sensors help create smaller camera modules with higher performance.

Optical Components

Kyocera supports today's broadband Internet with components such as fiber-optic connectors and laser diode packages that protect signal devices and ensure high data speeds.

Ceramic Packages for LEDs

The excellent thermal conductivity and reliability of Kyocera's ceramics make them ideal for packaging LEDs used in applications ranging from residential lighting to vehicle headlights.

Multilayer Ceramic Substrates
for Automotive ECUs

Kyocera's compact ECU substrates are used in automotive powertrain systems, where they provide high circuit density with excellent heat resistance, heat dissipation and reliability.

Miniature Ceramic Packages for Crystal Devices

Ultra-small ceramic packages help miniaturize highly-functional crystal devices, which are essential in electronics. These packages protect the crystal with full hermetic sealing for high reliability while measuring just 1.0 x 0.8 mm - among the world's smallest.

*Based on research by Kyocera as of May 2020.


LED Lighting for Superior Color Rendering

Kyocera's custom-designed LED lighting offers accurate color rendition – adding richness to galleries and museums, and enhancing commercial processes from industrial inspection to aquaculture.


Organic Packages & Printed Wiring Boards

The rapid advancement of information and communications technologies (ICT) and the internet have fueled an extraordinary increase in the functionality and performance of electronic devices. Our organic packages and printed wiring boards help to support these developments.

Flip-Chip Packages

These fine-pitch multilayer packages employ the latest advances in micro-wiring and low-profile multilayer technology. They support better functionality and performance in servers, routers and mobile communication devices.

Substrates for Wireless Communications

Kyocera's organic substrates are used in telecommunications modules for smartphones and on-board automotive systems, where embedded capacitors and other components are required.

Build-Up Wiring Boards

These wiring boards are widely used in PCs, mobile devices, and other products that employ high-density surface-mounted boards.

Substrates for Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar

These substrates, which incorporate an integrated antenna, are becoming indispensable for obstacle detection as society shifts toward self-driving vehicles.

Organic Materials

span.ko_sOur other business domains extend to a wide range of industrial fields, such as digital equipment, automotive manufacturing, and energy, based on our organic material technology.

Epoxy Encapsulation Materials for Semiconductors

Kyocera offers new epoxy materials for transfer- and compression-molding processes that are used in a vast array of lightweight, mass-produced goods.

Die-Attach Pastes

Conductive pastes for semiconductors, LEDs, power devices, and electronic components help meet rising performance requirements. Examples include nano-sintered metal pastes and high thermal conductive pastes.

Insulating Varnishes

Our flame-retardant varnishes are designed to reduce environmental impact while facilitating a new level of power and efficiency in electric motors – including those used in the latest electric vehicles and industrial equipment.