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Research & Development


In every new era, we will aim to be pioneers, seeking frontiers that others avoid and exploring the paths less traveled. Inspired by our founder, we will strive to manufacture unique products, create new value at the cutting edge of technology, and build a brighter future for humankind. It’s in our DNA.

The Kyocera Group operates several large research and development facilities which focus on materials, components, devices, equipment, systems and software. Kyocera also maintains a global research network specializing in production process technologies. With R&D hubs in Minatomirai (Yokohama, Japan) and Keihanna (Kyoto, Japan), we strive to synthesize the intellectual, technological and management resources of our diverse product lines. We also promote open innovation by collaborating with other institutions, aiming to expand our business while contributing to the development of a better world.

Main R&D Locations

Minatomirai Research Center
(Yokohama, Japan)

Development of equipment and systems; R&D on cutting-edge software technology relating to automobiles, telecommunications, energy and related fields.

Keihanna Research Center
(Kyoto, Japan)

Basic research and applied development of optical and electronic devices, photovoltaic cells, and related products using advanced material and thin-film technologies.

Monozukuri R&D Laboratory
(Kagoshima, Japan)

Research and development of basic and applied technologies for fine ceramics, as well as future manufacturing technologies.

Inside the Osaka Daito Office(Japan)

Development of high-productivity manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment.

KYOCERA Document Solutions HQ R&D Center(Osaka, Japan)

Research and development of printers and multifunctional systems for next-generation document imaging.

Inside KYOCERA International, Inc.(San Diego, U.S.A.)

While engaged in a wide range of businesses, Kyocera International, Inc. is a research, development and production center for state-of-the-art semiconductor components.

Inside KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation(Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A.)

Research, development, and manufacturing of electronic components to facilitate further miniaturization and weight reduction in electronic equipment.

OiA website (Japanese language only)

Promoting Kyocera’s R&D’s Open Innovation Activities Through the Newly Launched Open Innovation Arena (OiA)

Kyocera is promoting open innovation to create new value through interaction between our own researchers and with external technology partners. OiA is a new website showcasing information about these activities, and connecting innovators to incubate new ideas. It includes the latest news on technological developments from Kyocera’s various R&D divisions, as well as information on events that promote external collaboration.