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Life & Environment / Others

Environment & Energy Solutions

Kyocera has developed and supplied solar panels and generating systems since the first oil crisis in the early 1970s, based on a commitment to improving our world through renewable energy. Expanding this product line has led us into new energy service businesses, which we will continue to develop in our quest for a low-carbon future.

Solar Power Generating Systems

Kyocera offers a vast line of high-quality solar panels with long-term reliability for a diverse range of roof shapes and terrains.

Lithium-ion Battery Storage Systems (Japan)

Our popular lithium-ion storage systems can charge at night — when rates are lowest — to minimize home energy costs. They can also provide emergency back-up power during blackouts, and can serve as on-site power storage for a residential solar system.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

By developing innovative VPP solutions, Kyocera seeks to further promote the use of renewable energy. VPPs use an online network to manage the renewable energy generated in homes and factories, balancing supply and demand using the latest storage battery-linked energy management technologies and IT solutions.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Systems(Japan)

Kyocera’s environmentally friendly SOFC cogeneration systems efficiently use the heat produced as a byproduct of power generation. By continuing to generate power even during electrical grid blackouts, this technology greatly contributes to enhanced energy reliability and human wellbeing.

Energy Service Business

Kyocera has established a new energy service business in Japan which lets customers install residential solar power generating systems at no initial cost.

Medical & Dental Products

Kyocera supplies orthopedic joint implants, dental implants and other medical products developed through its advanced material technologies and surface processing expertise – helping to improve the quality of human life.
*Aquala, BIOCERAM AZUL, and AG-PROTEX are registered trademarks of Kyocera Corporation in Japan and elsewhere.

Aquala® (Japan market only)

Long-Lasting Orthopedic Joint Technology

BIOCERAM AZUL® (Japan market only)

Ceramic Medical Materials

AG-PROTEX® (Japan market only)

AG-PROTEX is a technology that boosts the fixation and antibacterial properties of orthopedic implants, promoting affinity between the implant and the patient's natural bone.

Jewelry & Kitchen Tools

Using unique crystal-growing technologies, Kyocera creates recrystallized gemstones that consist of the same elements as their natural counterparts. We have also developed kitchen tools made from highly wear-resistant ceramics and other products to enrich daily life.F


Gemstones with breathtaking color and ideal transparency are marketed under Crescent Vert® and other brands.

Ceramic Kitchen Goods

In addition to our world-renowned ceramic knives, we are applying our proprietary ceramic technologies to create an expanding line of functional and stylish kitchen goods.


Our hotel business is based on a commitment to provide hospitality with a heartfelt smile. Kyocera operates two separate hotels in Japan; an upscale resort in Kagoshima designed by the renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa, featuring hot springs, a swimming pool, and other sports facilities; and an elegant metropolitan hotel in the heart of Kyoto, an international city with ancient traditions.