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Electronic Devices

Electronic Components & Devices

Electronic components are essential to virtually every type of electronic equipment, from smartphones and wearable devices to industrial machines. Kyocera contributes to the advancement of electronics through cutting-edge technology and consistently high quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Power Devices

Power devices are essential for high-voltage, high-current circuitry, and Kyocera offers an extensive lineup of devices that help save energy in everything from consumer products to industrial equipment.


Connectors are a vital building block of modern electronics. Kyocera connectors meet demanding needs, including those for ultra-small size and high-frequency operation, helping to expand the functionality of electronic devices.

Crystal Devices

Crystal devices play a key role in all digital technology, from smartphones and automotive equipment to the Internet of Things (IoT). Kyocera is involved in each phase of crystal device production, from synthetic crystal cultivation and device development to manufacturing.


Our multilayer ceramic capacitors are made with advanced dielectric materials and precise production technologies. They support the development of miniature, lightweight, highly functional electronic devices.

SAW Devices

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices are used in smartphones and other wireless communication equipment. Kyocera's extensive range of SAW devices includes filters and duplexers.

Electronic Components & Devices(KYOCERA AVX Components)

U.S.-based KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation is a Kyocera Group company specializing in electronic components. With a solid foundation in electronic device technologies and a broad product line, KYOCERA AVX Components is expanding its development, manufacturing and sales worldwide.

Waterproof, High-Reliability Branch Connectors

The 9715 Series provides waterproof protection and reliability through a seal and locking structure that has passed JASO D616 testing for automotive wire harness connectors. These connectors also support aluminum wiring, which is 40% lighter than copper wiring, contributing to better fuel efficiency by helping reduce the overall weight of the car.


Printing Devices

Kyocera supplies printing devices for the printing industry's three most prevalent digital-imaging methods: electrophotographic, thermal and inkjet. Furthermore, our advanced materials and processing technologies allow printing equipment to deliver faster, higher resolution output on a wider range of print media.

Thermal Printheads

Kyocera’s thermal printheads use heat and thermal-transfer technology to print data and images. They are widely used to print essential items like receipts, tickets, barcode labels, ID cards, X-ray imaging, and more.

Inkjet Printheads

Inkjet printheads are the primary imaging component in commercial digital printing equipment used to print direct-mail leaflets, patterned textiles, and more.
Kyocera will continue to support the printing industry’s evolution into new fields and diverse print media, ranging from product labels and packages, to billboards and residential building materials.

a-Si Photoreceptor Drums

Photoreceptor drums are a primary component in document printers and digital multifunction peripherals (MFPs) that use electrophotographic imaging. Kyocera's photoreceptor drums feature an extremely hard surface for outstanding wear resistance and durability, with excellent photosensitivity, enabling the printing of sharp, clear images at extremely high speeds.