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Communication Devices & Base Stations

Kyocera has been developing innovative mobile phones since the advent of 1G analog wireless service, and infrastructure products, including base stations, since the conversion to 2G. We continue to develop new information and communications technologies by applying the expertise we have accumulated throughout this process.


Responding to the needs of communities and commercial users, Kyocera is helping companies and governments utilize 5G networks effectively.


Kyocera’s IoT devices are designed for diverse applications to facilitate the seamless adoption of IoT solutions.
※ IoT: Internet of Things

Smartphones, Feature Phones & Tablets

Kyocera caters to a wide range users with its extensive line of mobile devices that prioritize real-world usability, including ruggedized phones with waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof resilience.
*TORQUE and DIGNO are registered trademarks of Kyocera Corporation in Japan.

Communication Systems

Kyocera operates businesses in information and communications technology (ICT); telecommunications engineering; environment and energy engineering; and management consulting. We help clients implement and operate four major types of systems: information platforms, communications infrastructure, harmonized economy and ecology infrastructures, and enterprise management platforms.

Information and Communications Technology

Kyocera uses AI, IoT, cloud, and security technologies to help transform today’s businesses, providing IT solutions for the issues confronting our customers and society.

Telecommunications Engineering

Kyocera offers a one-stop service for telecommunications carriers, from designing, building, operating, and maintaining wireless infrastructure, to enhancing signal quality. We also provide construction support for the core networks used for base stations and wireless services.

Environment and Energy Engineering

We provide one-stop service for design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of utility-scale solar power plants and other public and industrial solar power systems, with an extensive track record of design and installation on both land and water.

Management Consulting

We provide consulting services for the implementation of Kyocera’s unique Amoeba Management System, helping customers to introduce the system, providing operational support, and facilitating the operation of related information systems.