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Global Headquarters Solar Power Generating System

Nowadays, worldwide environmental issues such as the need to reduce carbon dioxide and prevent global warming are the focus of increasing attention. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase of interest in solar power generation as a truly clean energy source.

The Kyocera headquarters building in Kyoto, Japan is powered by 504 rooftop solar panels and 1,392 additional panels (approx. 1m2 per panel) located on 18 floors of the southern wall. The output of this system is among the world’s highest for systems installed on a vertical wall of a high-rise building.

The total capacity of the system is 214kW, with an annual output of 131,472kWh (actual results from April 1st, 2005 to March 31st, 2006). These numbers represent a reduction in oil consumption equivalent to 31,980 liters/year by a utility power plant, as well as a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 96t-CO2/year.

This system has been adopted as a joint research theme with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), under the name of the “Solar Power Field Test Project for Public Facilities.”

System Features

  • Environmentally-friendly solar power generating system designed for high-rise buildings in urban areas to allow for harmonious coexistence with nature and the environment.
  • Solar modules designed for high-rise buildings to withstand wind pressure of 500 kg/m².
  • Improved system efficiency through the distribution of 22 transformer-free three-phase, three-wire, 10kW inverters within the entire building.
  • New measurement system (local operating network) uses built-in signal lines to allow centralized monitoring of large volumes of data from the 22 distributed inverters and various sensors.

System Overview

Total System Capacity 214kW
(roof: 57 kW, southern wall: 157 kW)
Number of Solar Modules 1,896
Output per Solar Module 113W
Total Inverter Capacity 220kW
(10 kW per inverter unit)
Number of Inverters 22
  • Linked electrical systems: General high-voltage wiring (three-phase, three-wire, 6,600 V)
  • Reverse power flow: Supported (Electrical power can be sold to the power company.)

Questions Regarding the Solar Power Generating System

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Questions Regarding the Solar Power Generating System

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