Medical &

Contributing to Enhanced
Quality of Life (QOL) and the Advancement
of Healthcare Technology

In addition to providing prosthetic joints,
dental implants, and other medical products that
help people live fuller and more healthy lives, Kyocera is
also engaged in the research and development of
new and original devices and products that
enhance convenience in day-to-day health management.
Furthermore, we are enhancing people’s QOL by
providing total healthcare solutions utilizing
preventive medicine to
help extend people’s healthy lifespans.

Developer Interviews

Understanding New Challenges and Future Projects
Being Undertaken at Kyocera

Interview 01
Extending the Life Expectancy of Artificial Hip Joints with Aquala®
Interview 02
Using the Power of Technology to Help People Live Healthier, More Fulfilling Lives
Kyocera’s Innovations in Preventive Medicine
Technology & Products

Related Technologies and Products

With a focus on medical devices that utilize ceramics, metallic materials, and related processing technology, such as prosthetic joints and implants, Kyocera develops a wide range of products that support people’s health and well-being. Also, in collaboration with external partners and research institutions, we are engaged in the research and development of new products and solutions, such as a blood-flow sensor for easy day-to-day health management, and cell sorting and densitometry devices.